Scents of Saddleworth was born out of a combined love for candles and fondness of our villages. With an obsession for local luxury we patiently tested waxes, fragrances and wicks to create the perfect selection of scented soy candles to evoke memories, sentiment and nostalgia. 

During a time in which we were almost literally stopped in our tracks, we realised what really mattered. We came to once again appreciate home comforts; the fresh smell of the bakery, country walks to see our heritage and cosy nights in.  

Our aim is to provide scents which continually take us back to those moments and which envelope us in their warm embrace. 

Every candle is hand poured at our workshop in Saddleworth and uses 100% soy wax, paraben free fragrance oils and a cotton wick. We are proud to say we are clean, vegan and cruelty free. 


Our scents are perhaps best brought to life by our very own poem:

In the heart of Old Saddleworth upon the cobbled twee street, folk still tip their hat to those that they meet.

Morning reservoir walks with friend or kin, a perfect way for a day to begin.

Up o' th' moors and past the church on the hill, feel the freshest crisp air in lungs as they fill.

Hearty scents of warm bread still embrace the air, from the village bakery are fresh loaves made with care.

The sweet smell of nostalgia is wimberry pie, which folk cannot resist as they walk by.

Back to country cottages we head but before settling for bed, it’s fireside snuggles before the day draws to close when scents of embers fill the nose. 

I shall never grow tired of my little old home, for in the heart of Old Saddleworth you are never alone.

A smell can evoke sweet memory and these are a few that are so dear to me. So to ignite those thoughts of days well spent, just strike a match to bring them back with a scent.

Scents of Saddleworth
-Mrs Windsor


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